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Poppy Carter Portraits 

Poppy and I met almost five years ago when I was still very new to the wedding industry. I was incredibly lucky as Poppy booked me for her own bridal hair, and I will forever be grateful for that day! Little did I know that Poppy would turn out to be the most insanely talented, intelligent and visionary woman I would have the pleasure to meet, let alone work with and call my friend. 

Poppy has a way with people like no other. She is able to relax even the most nervous of couples and redefines what it means to be a wedding photographer. Her imagery is uniquely romantic and her talent of story telling is evident throughout her portfolio. 

Poppy is always smiling, always reliable and my goodness does she make great cup of coffee!

As well as being able to say hello at many shared wedding mornings, Laura and I are very lucky to have been asked to provide hair and make up on a number of Poppy's stunning photo shoots. Well respected and established wedding suppliers fall over each other to have their work captured and showcased by her, and her work is regularly published in some of the largest bridal magazines and blogs we know and love!


I honestly couldn't recommend Poppy enough to all my brides. Her portfolio speaks for itself.  All I can really add is that she is a beautiful human being inside and out, and she will capture your love story beyond all imagination...

Please follow the link below to book or find out more...

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