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My Bridal Hair - Where To Start!

Deciding on how to have your hair on your wedding day can be a bit of a challenge! There are so many options and variations in regards to how a style looks, but also remember it is equally important to think about how different a style can make you feel!

Here at Holly Edmonds Hair Artistry we always want our brides to feel at their very best, so we take a lot of time helping our brides discover their bridal hair style. The truth is it doesn't even have to look super fancy, but it must feel authentic to you. It actually isn't that different to looking for a wedding dress. In the same way you would look at a dress, YOU should be wearing your bridal hair design, not it wearing you. Your looking for a flow and harmony to your over look. Every bride is different which is what keeps our job so interesting, so read on to find our TOP TEN TIPS to discovering your bridal hair design:

So what are some of the things to consider when looking at bridal hair inspiration?

Here are some of our TOP TIPS to starting a stress free bridal hair journey:

1. Think about how do you normally wear your hair for a special occasion - all up, high bun, low bun, ponytail, half up, all down, curls or waves?

2. Are you wanting to have something you have had before or do you want a change?

3. How does your hair make you feel? What is important to you when styling your own hair?

4. Try to find inspo images that are of styles in your own hair colour and texture. Of course this can be changed but for example, if you want to wear your natural curls try to find inspo images of other natural curl styles.

5. Hair length: If you are considering wearing your hair half up or all down, consider getting a full head of clip in hair extensions. Most of the dreamy bridal hair images you are pinning on your inspo board are full of these miracle makers! Your bridal hair artist should be able to advise you on this.

6. You can find inspo images by hashtagging 'bridal hair' ect on instagram, doing a search on pintrest or google images. If already booked, we would highly recommend searching your bridal hair artists own portfolio of styles.

7. Think about what hair design would suit your bridal outfit and makeup look. Do you have a low back or puff sleeves on your dress that you want to show off?

8. What is the overall feel to your bridal look? Are you going for relaxed boho vibes or contemporary polished feels?

9. Once you have a good idea of what styles you like, it is time to start searching for a bridal hair artist that provide brides with what you are looking for. Be careful not to fall into booking a boho hair specialist to then ask them to do s sleek polished bun.

10. Remember, this is not about doing a crazy transformation (unless thats what you're going for of course!) It is about looking and feeling your most authentic self and feeling confident and beautiful from the inside out.

We really hope this will help you to make a start on thinking about your bridal hair style. If of course you would like our team to help you on your full bridal hair journey, just head over to the contact page below and we can check our availability and send you a quote!

Enjoy your wedding planning, you and your fiancé really deserve to have the very best experience!

Love Holly and the H.E Team x


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