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Our Team


It is with our whole heart that we GUARANTEE  that our HE Team Artists are greatly experienced, attend regular training with Holly and embody our HE values and cultures with ease. Excellent communicators, a passion for impeccable bridal hair design and our nurturing personalities makes for a very special bridal hair experience from start to finish. We are so proud to confidently PROMISE you the very best of us so you can be the very best version of YOU.

When securing any of our expert HE Team Artists, you are guided throughout your bridal hair booking experience in house by our Administrative Director Gemma and Artistic Director Holly to ensure we provide all our brides with our specially formulated bridal hair journey. Our Team Artists can then do what they do best, which is caring and having fun with you, designing your dream bridal hair look and getting you picture perfect for your big day! 


We are so lucky to be able to surround ourselves with so many talented and kind women here at Holly Edmonds Hair Artistry! So let us introduce you to our amazing team!


IMG_7300 1.jpg

Helen  - H.E Bridal Artist 

We are so proud to have Helen as one of our very special HE bridal hair artists. Like with all our H.E artist's, Helen has been chosen for her nurturing and calm energy which is perfect for our brides. Helen has come from a long career of hairdressing as well as bridal hair styling.


She is so excited to get you and your ladies and get you all looking picture perfect in our signature HE style. 

headshot 1_edited.jpg

Rebecca -  HE Bridal Artist 

We are so lucky to have Rebecca as one of our H.E bridal hair artists, she is perfect for our brides!  She has an exceptional eye for hair design detail and always has us and our brides laughing with her down to earth charm. 


Rebecca is currently on maternity leave and we look forward to welcoming her back for the 2024 wedding season!


To find out more about Rebecca please view her profile:

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Melissa - HE Bridal Artist 

We are so privileged to have Melissa as a member of our team. Super sweet, gentle and with over a decade of bridal hair artistry experience, our HE bridal party's just love her!

Tina - Support Artist

We are so lucky to have Tina join our team this season after a long career in bridal hair! We love her sense of fun and warmth as we as being so super talented! Tina is currently in a support role with us although we have no doubt she will be looking after her own HE brides very soon! Her HE portfolio will be live shortly, watch this space! 

Comin Soon

Gemma - Administrative Director 

Gemma joined the team in the summer of 2021 and has hit the ground running! Gemma is simply an admin Queen, helping all our H.E brides throughout their whole journey with us. From general enquiries, bookings, wedding morning timings and organisation, she has it covered! We are just so lucky to have her as a core member of the team!


Holly - Artistic Director

Holly has been serving the most incredible brides for 7 years and is simply in love with all aspects of what she does. She not only serves our beautiful H.E brides, but is head of training and leading our H.E team, offering bridal hair education to our brilliant bridal hair pro students and the running of our own shop - The Holly Edmonds Emporium

Please view her profile to find out more:

Our Sister Teams

We are so lucky to have two incredible sister teams who we work with on many wedding days! Full of genuine friendship and exceptional talent, the journey with both Laura and Poppy has been so very special. Our shared brides love having our teams with them on their wedding mornings as we strive to always give our brides the  the ultimate in bridal beauty in both real life and in her wedding photography imagery...


Laura Carroll Makeup Artistry

Our sister team and Holly's right hand woman! We work very close with Laura and her team and we share so many of our amazing brides! 

Please click below to find out more!


Poppy Carter Portraits

We have never been more wowed when looking at our brides wedding photographs than when Poppy is the woman in charge!

Poppy redefines what it is to be a wedding photographer. Honestly, you HAVE to see her work to believe it...


Please click below !

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