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Hello guardians of amazing small people! 

I have taught nervous and self confessed ’useless’ adults when it comes to styling their child’s hair for school and parties for years! My own mother was one of them and I remember being the only little girl in my class who wore a ponytail with all my friends coming in wearing beautiful French braids! 

I ran my last in person ‘Parent and Child’ hair styling workshop at the beginning of 2020 and then taught nearly 500 parents and their children over lockdown on my private Facebook group ‘The Hair Shed’ which was one of the most incredible privileges I have had in my career. 

Please see my current available course's and their details just here! 

Thank you and get ready for a beautiful, one of a kind experience with your special small person and banish your fear of your child’s hair for good! 

I can’t wait to meet you both! 

Holly x


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