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Group Workshop

'An Artists Awakening'


I am so incredibly excited to share this very special and totally unique experience with you which is both educational and self-enriching.

Take a moment now and ask yourself:


*When was the last time you focused on yourself, the artist, not the wedding supplier?

*When did you last give yourself time to reflect on your journey so far and where YOU want to go?

*When was the last time you set time aside to get inspired, design and create something totally unique?


I have been on mission to add some of my own creative flare and influence on our industry and offer my brides something a little different from the moment I started. Back in May this year, this caught the eye of the incredible Angela of ‘Beyond The Ponytail’ who then featured one of my ‘Couture’ ponytail designs on her 480k strong Instagram account which followed with a LIVE with her a few months later. I am also proud to say I am the reginal winner of the ‘Wedding Hair Stylist’ 2021 awarded by ‘The Wedding Industry Awards’. I have a real passion for teaching and education within our industry and I can not wait to continue this in the many years of fun ahead.


Anyone else scrolling on Instagram and noticing so many hair accounts and designs looking the same? In a saturated market and a ‘copy and paste’ culture at a full time high, how can we set ourselves apart? Why would a bride pay more for us if we are creating the same styles as the next hair artist, and they are £20.00 cheaper? How can we continue to feed our creative bones, feel fulfilled and offer our unique talent to our brides and explore our potential?

It is really hard when our brides are often sending us the same Pinterest image over and over and it can mean that our portfolio’s become fairly similar to each others and therefore attracting brides also wanting the same designs. But I believe you deserve more as a creative person and being artistically minded, so I have to created this space for YOU. Let’s refocus, let’s explore and let’s push the boundaries of what brides might expect from a bridal hair artist. Beautiful, well crafted, romantic and original hair designs and that YOU OWN.

I want to share my concepts, thoughts, design secrets, techniques and more with you on my two-day workshop ‘An Artists Awakening’. No other educator is offering anything like this, but I am certainly not afraid to do things a bit different…

There are two booking options:


Day 1 ONLY – Theory and demo by Holly on professional model - £200.00 pp



DAY 1 & 2 – Includes practical creative designing on real model on day 2 plus presentation - £350.00 pp (limited space)


I so hope you will join us me on this exciting adventure and invest in yourself as an artist after a very busy bridal season. Just think what you might discover within yourself and add to your portfolio for the 2022 wedding season!

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