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My Wedding Eve - Bridal Relaxation Meditation Audio

We are so proud to present a series of exclusive bridal audio meditations created for 'The Emporium' specifically written for you on your bridal journey.


Written and narrated in her soothing Belgian tones, mindfulness and meditation coach Florence Lacroix takes you through this transformative relaxation when you need it most.


Every bride longs for the perfect relaxing wedding eve and a restful sleep before her wedding, however this can sometimes be difficult to achieve when there are some many thoughts whizzing round your head and emotions are running high.


'My Wedding Eve' has been created especially for you to recentre, relax and help you drift off into a peaceful sleep ready for all that tomorrow will bring.


So snuggle up in your cosy bed and press play...


Duration: 10 minutes and yours to listen too as many times as you need.


My Wedding Eve - Bridal Relaxation Meditation Audio

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