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My Wedding Morning - Bridal Relaxation Meditation Audio

We are so proud to present a series of exclusive bridal audio meditations created for 'The Emporium' specifically written for you on your bridal journey.


Written and narrated in her soothing Belgian tones, mindfulness and meditation coach Florence Lacroix takes you through this transformative relaxation when you need it most.


Congratulations, it's your wedding day! After so much planning, organising and decision making, it is finally time to enjoy everything you have been planning and indeed get married!


This comforting and focusing meditation has been created to ground you, soften your butterflies and give your busy mind some space. Listen before getting out of bed, whilst having your morning cup of tea or even when you are having your hair and makeup done with a glass of fizz in hand. This is your time and your moment.


We hope this unique relaxation audio will add that perfect finishing touch to your bridal soul. Enjoy every moment of your special day.


Duration: 7 minets 43 seconds of bridal soul filling calm. Enjoy as many times as you wish throughout your wedding morning and even enjoy recalling how you felt that day by listening again post your big day.

My Wedding Morning - Bridal Relaxation Meditation Audio

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